Saturday, August 4, 2012

I moved my netbeans settings and projects to my new computer

1. Install netbeans and close netbeans if open. Before proceeding with any of the steps below, make sure you take zip/backup the necessary files/folders in the folders which you copy to.

2. Moving netbeans settings:
You will find the folder having netbeans settings within your windows user profile. I use windows 7. So I found this here : C:\Users\my-windows-user-name\.netbeans. To move your settings, just move the folder (under C:\Users\my-windows-user-name\.netbeans) with the name having your netbeans version (I use netbeans version 6.9 so the folder name was 69 without the dot in between).

3. Moving netbeans projects:
To know where netbeans creates project settings in your computer, just try creating a sample project. While creating your new sample project, the second step 'Name and Location' will show the default Project Folder. This is where you will have all your project settings, just move the folder to the new computer to the same directory.

For example the 'Name and Location' shows your project folder as C:\Users\ my-windows-user-name\MyDocuments\NetBeansProjects\JavaProject7, your projects will be found in just one folder under, that is here : C:\Users\ my-windows-user-name\MyDocuments\NetBeansProjects\

5. Move your source files to the same directories you had in your old computer.

4. Start netbeans to find your old settings in your new netbeans installation.

Hope this helps.