Tuesday, December 2, 2008

IE handles memory better than firefox?

As i was working in my laptop, i felt the system went slower. When I examined the task manager (windows), i found that the highest amount of memory was held by firefox (312 MB). I closed firefox and re-opened it. I wanted to examine how firefox gulps up memory - with zoho mail. Here is the result.

Note : zoho mail opens a new browser window for every compose. I used IE 7 and Firefox 3.

Firefox           Internet Explorer
System memory before opening browsers 484 MB 484 MB
After opening browser 515 MB 506 MB
After opening zoho mail 546 MB 532 MB
After opening compose window 556 MB 542 MB
After opening compose window 2nd time 562 MB 543 MB
After opening compose window 3rd time 570 MB 541 MB
After opening compose window 4th time 583 MB 541 MB
... ... ...
After opening compose window for some more times 622 MB 541 MB

Enough care has not been taken in firefox to clear-up memory after a window is closed (or some add-ons should be causing this madness). When I tell 'firefox consumes more memory' or 'memory is not handled well in firefox', it is not a new story. But there was lots of buzz before the release of firefox 3 that lots of work has been done to handle the memory issues, but just not good enough. I use a laptop with 1 GB RAM. People using older laptops should suffer with firefox.

May be fast is not enough.

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