Sunday, October 19, 2008

Emergence of online applications a good opportunity for linux

Windows has been ruling the roost since it is widely adopted by the developer, UI designer community and hence there was a situation where you cannot find many softwares for linux equivalent to the corresponding windows softwares. Apart from this, there are lots of installation problems when it comes to linux. The problem being basically the 'know how', there is a 'lot to know' when you have to install some softwares into linux. Also since there are inumerable versions and flavours of linux, it adds a lot to installation problems.

Now almost, the problem doesn't exist. Many applications come online, particularly office, business apps.

You can even create your own form based utilites 'online' using tools like zoho creator. (Yes, you can even prefer to write code in zoho creator to create complex, powerful applications - lots of help for the same is available via forums and developer community).

Then ... why still keep paying to Microsoft [I respect microsoft so much, for the revolution it has created in the computer, software industry, still no one need to remain loyal to them, they have earned enough from all of us.] when linux can do sufficiently well enough for you? Explore!

When you use online software, you dont
1. install the software
2. maintain the software
3. upgrade the software (everyday as you check the app remains updated to the second).

1. The usage of your application is not limited to the computer/system at your home/office - online apps can be used whereever you are, at any time, provided you have internet connection (Any office still lacking an internet connection these days?).
2. Your applications and data are safer and secure since they are maintained by experts.
3. You pay only less (on demand basis) for using your apps. Most of the online softwares comes free. Many online softwares comes free for basic usage and charging nominally for usage on demand (no need to pay when you dont use, pay again when you want to use again - yes your data is retained for free when you dont use the app), thus giving you financial flexibility. You will find many such apps in

Just a few points on thinking about using a free Linux instead of a costly Windows.

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