Saturday, April 19, 2008 - online personal money management site is a free online personal money management website.
It has a cool and a very simple UI.
The weakness is, this being an online tool, this is fully pre-customized for USA.
You cannot add your own account, you have to choose from the types of accounts given there.
mint collects information directly from banks and other financial institutions -- the user has to provide the credentials - username, password etc.... -- so that the user need not re-enter data (which cannot be done if the user enters his own account). Cool. Still if the user does not belong to any of these institutions, he cannot use the site, till either mint adds the users institution or the user joins one of the institutions which mint has in list.
This could have been kept optional so that the user can use the tool like he wants.
Since this requires the tie ups with the corresponding institutions, this blocks other nationals from using this site, thus the site looses a world touch .... I feel mint has made things mandatory that are to be given as an option to the user.
Otherwise this should have become a well used tool online -- something like ... GMail.