Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Will Opera take the place of Firefox ?

(+) One thing i liked best in opera is the speed dialing.

(+) We can have 9 most clicked pages here. Whenever we want any of them we can just choose them () rather than typing them or searching for them in the bookmarks. Unlike bookmarks they dont keep staying on your browser view, they come only when you ask for a new window or a new tab. A wow to opera.

(+) Second why switched to opera is : once my system went slow, when i checked my task manager (windows) i found that firefox was taking 314 mb of my memory - of which i have already done a post : http://tech-lense.blogspot.com/2007/09/is-firefox-taking-314mb-of-our-memory.html

(+) I even found image rendering quality is better in opera than in firefox.

(+) Switching to opera from firefox was easy as well.

(-) I had one un-understandable issue with opera. A topic from my company forum (normal html) did not load in Opera. In firefox it did.

(-) In google reader, the '+' shortcut key did not work which is supposed to increase my content size in opera browser (In firefox, it is ctrl +). In most sites it works, still after increasing the size, the browser becomes sluggish and becomes slow.

(-) One more comparision to firefox : I couldn't see the horizontal slider when the content exceeded the screen size in the browser (In the page i saw, the html content did not exceed the screen size but an image in the page did). In this case too, ff is able to give the horizontal slide bar. Opera isn't.

Hope these (-) are in Opera's list to solve.

Will Opera take the place of Firefox as Firefox took the place of Internet Explorer?


Daniel Goldman said...

Hi, Daniel Goldman from Opera Software here.

It's great to hear that you're enjoying the Opera browser.

Did you check to see whether your company's forum worked well with Opera 9.5 alpha?

As for the Google Reader issue, I tested it in Opera 9.5 alpha. The "+" is indeed blocked by Google Reader. However, using the "+" key with the CTRL does work.

ARUL JOSE said...

Thanks Daniel.

Doesn't opera have automatic update?

Daniel Goldman said...

Opera has an automatic update notifier. In other words, Opera will alert you when a new update is available. However, Opera doesn't automatically update the browser.