Sunday, March 4, 2007

social wrapper and login page

Social wrapper is the one which makes the site a good web 2.0 - the one's which shows you the latest, popular, most viewed, most commented, most replied stuff (etc) in the site.

This increases the interaction between the creators and the viewers and thus welcomes the viewers again and again to the same site (gives a good traffic).

This becoming a very popular concept in the web world all the sites are trying to bring this in.

I suggest it would be great to show your social wrapper right in the front page. Users should be able to touch the social wrapper without having to login. Show the wrapper right in your home page (see for example).

Let not your login tab (the space you use for your login - username and password) take too much of space. finish them in one line if possible - ajax can help.

best of luck for your new web2.0 site.

thinking of a building a new web2.0 site? Analyse your needs before you start. Hope this can help you start your analysing.

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